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Some words about myself



Sandra Bertolini

Certified translator. AITI qualified member.

Translating and interpreting since 1989.

English, German, French <> Italian

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Let me introduce myself

I’m Sandra, a native Italian translator and interpreter devoted to bringing your personal or business-related visions to life.

For the past 30 years, I’ve been the written and spoken voice for hundreds of companies, agencies, publishers, foundations and institutions in Italy and abroad. Among those establishments include Reggio Children s.r.l., Fondazione Reggio Children, Max Mara Group, Marella and Penny Black.

Within the last decade, I’ve also had the pleasure of serving as chairperson of my national Association of Translators and Interpreters (AITI), assisting in drawing up the national standard for translators and interpreters (UNI 11591:2015) and being the current treasurer for the International Federation of Interpreters, Translators and Terminologists (FIT).

I’m also the crazy cat lady

Ironically, my cat keeps me sane.

Translation and interpreting require an immense amount of concentration and attention to detail. My cat gives me the peace of mind needed to stay present on demanding linguistic projects.

Tango and walking in the woods also help with that. They allow me to reach “the nirvana” – the state in which my mind stops translating and overthinking and gives my brain a rest.

Tell me, what’s your favourite mind-soothing activity?

Summed up

Native Italian working with English, German and French

30 years of experience

Qualified AITI member

Certified translator according to the Italian Standard UNI 11591:2015

Technical translations, transcreation and non-fiction translations

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in the fields of fashion, engineering, culture and early childhood education

Chairperson of AITI (Italian Association of Interpreters and Translators) 2009-2017

Treasurer for the International Federation of Interpreters, Translators and Terminologists (FIT) 2017-2022

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